Sunday, October 11, 2009

Serious Injury Traffic Crash in Klamath Falls

Friday, October 9, 2009

A motorcyclist was seriously injured when his motorcycle collided with a pickup.

The 41-year old motorcyclist was southbound on a highway. The 26-year old driver of the pickup drove out of a parking lot, heading northbound, turning into the path of the motorcycle, which crashed into the left side of the pickup.

The motorcyclist was transported for treatment of serious injuries. The pickup driver was not injured and was cited for Driving While Suspended and Reckless Driving.

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Lessons Learned

Sadly, this seems another of those instances when nothing would have prevented tragedy except responsible, mature and alert operation of a motor vehicle on the part of the driver of the pickup. This certainly appears to be a case of a stupid cager who shouldn't have been on the road.

If there is any lesson to be gained it is that motorcyclists must expect all cagers (drivers of automobiles) to be stupid, blind and reckless. The next time you're driving in traffic and you spot a car waiting to leave a parking lot in front of you, watch him like a hawk. Cover your brake, ready to stop his front tire for movement forward...change lanes if possible to gain more space between you and him.

Here's a possible tactic to consider: use another vehicle as a "blocking guard". When approaching an intersection or parking lot, change to the left lane of a multi-lane roadway. Pick a car that's ahead of you in the right lane and come up beside him before you enter the intersection or driveway. Make sure the driver of your "blocking guard" knows that you are there - don't ride in his blind spot. If a car runs the red light, or turns out of a parking lot without looking, at least you'll have a couple of tons of metal between you and him - the vehicle on your right will take the blow rather than you, as long as your "blocking guard" doesn't swerve into you. If you ride just a few feet ahead of your guard vehicle, even if he swerves he'll probably miss you.